School Field Trips

School Field Trips

As one of the leading field trip providers in the region, iSPACE has field trips, well…down to a science. We don’t just make learning fun and exciting; we also inspire and expand your students’ STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) knowledge so they can develop the skills necessary for the challenges of tomorrow. Our field trips strongly emphasize inquiry and critical thinking and our alignment to National and State Standards supports cross-curricular connections. Your students will use various strategies to analyze, infer, problem-solve, collaborate and communicate. We have completed the lesson for you and our interdisciplinary approach not only integrates science, technology, engineering and math but literacy and social sciences as well. Our programs can act as an introduction to a new concept or as a culminating event to reinforce your teaching. Students will experience new and innovative activities that complement your classroom curricula.

We don’t just stop at field trips though. Our programs are available to come to you at your venue through our iSPACE To-Go Outreach, which includes programs for your classroom, assemblies, after-school, family nights, scout and youth clubs. We will bring all the necessary equipment to deliver impactful programs without ever having to get on a bus!


Programs are aligned to National & State Standards. Each program is appropriately customized for grade level.

The Art of LEGO® Engineering Grades: PreK-3 Let the creative juices flow! Students will combine engineering and art by constructing LEGO machines that they will use to craft their own work of art.

Storybook Science Grades: PreK-3 Exploring the science in beloved children’s literature such as The Mixed Up Chameleon or Sounds All Around, engages even the youngest scientists through experiments and hands-on activities. Topic choices include sound, kitchen chemistry, magnetism, force and motion, space exploration, color, camouflage and more!

Fun with Fizz Grades: PreK-3 Young scientists create crazy concoctions where raisins dance, rocks pop, blobs bob and fountains foam. Density, properties of matter and reactions are all part of the fizzy fun concepts explored.

Living and Working in Space Grades PreK-5 Students can find out if they “have the right stuff” to live and work like an astronaut in space. Activities may include building robot end effectors, practicing tasks wearing “space gloves” and investigating space food!

SOUNDS Like Fun to Me Grades: PreK-5 Students will investigate the many ways of making sounds and discover how it travels through different substances. They experiment with waves, vibrations and make an imaginative sound device.

Scaling the Solar System Grades: PreK-6 Just how far away is the moon from Earth? How giant are those gaseous giants found within our solar system? Out-of-this-world activities will model scale-to-distance and scale-to-size concepts. We think your students will be surprised with what they discover!

Peculiar Polymers Grades: PreK-6 What do contact lenses, milk jugs, plastic bags and chewing gum all have in common? They are all made from synthetic (man-made) polymers. Using a variety of hands-on activities, students will be introduced to polymers, their properties and everyday uses. Get set for an ooey-gooey good time.

There’s More to LIGHT than Meets the Eye Grades: PreK-6 Students discover how astronomers use light to explore our universe! They will investigate properties of both visible and invisible light through a variety of activities that may include designing an ultraviolet radiation detector or constructing a spectroscope that will allow them to look at the “fingerprints” of different sources of visible light.

LEGO Engineering Grades: PreK-6 Calling all LEGO- Maniacs!. Students investigate the principles of engineering as they work in teams to build and test simple and compound machines using LEGO Educational kits. Extend engineering skills with motorized, green energy or pneumatic/hydraulic options.

Blast Off – Rocketry Grades: PreK-12 Blast off with Sir Isaac Newton and explore his three laws of motion through paper or straw rocketry activities. Investigate aerodynamics while building and launching paper or straw rockets with some specially designed high-powered air launchers. Guaranteed to be a BLAST!

LEGO WeDo Robots Grades: 2-4 Get ready for a safari full of LEGO models that “come to life” when students program them on a computer. Model options include a lion that roars and snores, an alligator that chomps, a monkey that drums out a variety of rhythms, twirling birds and more.

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robots – RoboArt Grades: 4+ Can a robot create art? Robots are beginning to take their place in both visual and performing arts. Explore how they are making their artistic impressions and program a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot to create a patterned art masterpiece!

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robots Grades: 4+ Will robots replace astronauts in space? What about jobs here on Earth? See what types of robots NASA is using in space exploration as well as robots that impact our everyday lives. Students program autonomous robots and teach them to make decisions using sensors in order to master a variety of robotic challenges.

Field Trip to the Moon Grades: 4+ Students work in teams and use critical thinking skills, problem-solving techniques and an understanding of complex systems as they find solutions to the challenge of setting up a lunar base. They evaluate and assimilate information presented by other teams, forcing them to re-evaluate their original decisions and explore alternative solutions.

NASA Mass Versus Weight Grades: 4+ The activities focus on Newton’s Laws of Motion and demonstrate the differences between mass and weight by comparing results with video clips filmed by astronauts performing similar activities onboard the International Space Station.

iMISSION: Space Base Simulation Grades: 4+ Mission Control is calling educators to be advised that an iMISSION is not an ordinary field trip! Students are immersed into the various roles of living and working on a lunar research base and will be challenged to apply STEM skills in this fun and unique learning experience. Problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills become key elements and crew members discover that the combined efforts of many teams are required for successful completion of the simulation’s activities as well as any emergencies the crew may encounter on their adventure. Only available at iSPACE facility.


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Current Rates

School Field Trips to iSPACE Monday-Friday:  Starting at $400

iMISSION: Space Base Simulation Only available at iSPACE facility 2.5 – 4 hour program Monday-Friday: Starting at $750 for 18-32 participants/$900 for 33-54 participants

Inquire about whole school and after-school programs, assemblies and science days/evenings. Discounts may be available for financial need or booking multiple programs in the same day. Premium added for weekend programs.

Reservation Procedures

$50 deposit may be required when reserving. Please include your invoice # and group name when paying. Payments may be made by check or credit card. If using a Purchase Order, provide a copy of it with a completed reservation in order to hold the scheduled date. Please scan and email a copy of the PO to or mail to iSPACE Attention: Reservations, 100 Scarlet Oaks Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45241. If an invoice is needed to obtain a Purchase Order, we can send you a tentative invoice.

Balances must be paid in full within 30 days of program delivery.

If you must cancel a reservation, you must call 513.612.5786. Refunds may be issued if it is prior to 2 weeks before your program. Cancellations within 2 weeks of the program date will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.