iSPACE Amateur Radio Club

iSPACE Amateur Radio Club

Have you ever wondered how Astronauts and NASA communicate?  How and why your cell phone and wifi works?  

Well it’s all possible thanks to the magic of radio!  When you attend our three week session of a quick introduction to amateur radio brought to you by the experts at the Voice of America West Chester Amateur Radio Association, you’ll discover the basics of radio, how it works and why.  Best of all you’ll get hands on experience with lots of demos and labs (Talk to all over the country and the world, talk with others via satellites, use digital modes, etc…).  You too could be an amateur radio operator!


Who:  Kids 10-15 yrs. of age

Cost for the 3 night series: $20 per person

Dates:  Tuesday, April 4, 11, 25

Time:  6:30 – 8pm

Where:  iSPACE, 100 Scarlet Oaks Dr., Sharonville, OH  45241  

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